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Do you shop in your pjs?

Do YOU or don’t YOU dabble in a little ONLINE SHOPPING?


OK yes Im on a high! I have just had a 4/4 WIN with ASOS!! And the fun keeps coming because my cat Trevor is still partying with the wrapping paper. Online Shopping, can be a hit or miss experience to the new comer and I have been known to have had a few disasters in the beginning.

However I have learnt a few tricks along the way, which I would like to share, I am sure this will pick up your success rate or if you are a online shopping virgin, empower you to have a go.

There is nothing better than the knock on the door and a big parcel appearing on your door step and the exhilaration of getting a win is fabulous!

Here are a few do’s and don’ts, to help you have a positive online shop.

Firstly it’s about building trust with a Brand or Site.

It’s important to read their returns policy. I would not be purchasing anything I could not return ( swimwear & underwear excluded )

Always trail a site first, by buying one item. This will show you the quality of the garments also the time period in which it took to arrive. It will give you a better understanding of their sizing, quality of fabric and finishing detail on their garments. It will also give you first hand knowledge on them as a business. Like,  do they do what they say they will do?

When choosing sizes, the only way to go is to get out the tape measure! This will make your success rate sore. Don’t worry about the size number on the garment, only go by the measurements!!!

Remember when you are looking at the dress you want and its length finishes on the models knee in the picture. That does not indicate that thats were it will finish on YOU.  You have to keep in mind that she is probably 182cm. Sometimes the models height is displayed.

Here are a few sites I like to use and have found good service from and I like to frequent. My outfit above is from @wilogreen


Shabby Sisters

Wilo Green  – website coming – follow on insta

The Weekend Edit

Bohemian Traders

General Pants

The Glue Store

Active Truth

Stella and Lou



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