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How To Dress When You’ve Lost Yourself (and you’re sexy)

YEP, its a big question and one I get asked a lot about. This is my latest post I wrote for  I Heart Bargains.

“How to Dress When You’ve Lost Yourself (and you’re sexy)”

Unlike Pokemon GO, there is unfortunately no app that will help us find our sexy OR mojo, as some of us call it!

But don’t lose hope and remember what “The Wizard of Oz” taught us as little girls, like Dorothy we always have the power inside us.

However as we all know time or lack of it can start to take its toll on us.

And that’s it in a nutshell, we lose our way and become lost because we don’t give ourselves time to recharge and replenish. As women, we are natural givers, to our children, partners and our careers.

Taking time out for yourself is a must, it is not Vanity, It is Self- Love and it creates Wellbeing, which floods into every spectrum of our lives and wardrobes.


“One good outfit doesn’t stop there – it floods over to self love – more patience with the kids – husband – co workers – strengthens confidence – to be your best self”  



Lets Celebrate our good bits!  If you have great lips, wear a bright lip and smile!95a93e3cd88c3d5d42f17369efb01424

I listen to clients who are struggling with how they look, because they are going back to work after having babies and nothing fits and others who have lost weight or put on weight and don’t know what their style is anymore and some who just need a refresher.

LET’S GO FIND US SOME MOJO – here are a few tips that to help you find your sexy!

1.  Invest in some regular “you time”.

2. Put it in writing, it maybe that you promise yourself to go to yoga twice a week. Or that you go for a swim or walk or paint or garden or read or write. Whatever you choose schedule it in.

3. Find a muse, this could be a celebrity, a fashion blogger a business women or someone you know that inspires you. Take note of what they wear and how they style it. See it as beautiful inspiration, DO NOT COMPARE yourself. Take the bits that feel like you and add them into your mix.

4.  Identify and celebrate your favourite body bits. If you love your legs, wear things that will showcase them. In the same way camouflage the things you want to hide.

For example, if you like your legs and don’t like your tummy wear a short shift dress.


5.If you have a waist, but don’t like your hips, show off the waist and disguise the hips. By choosing to wear culottes, wide leg pants or an Aline skirt. All these cuts will suit you to a T!

For the wow factor bring out the big guns and wear a statement belt. Looking good and feeling good, go hand in hand. Dressing for your body shape will instantly make you feel better.



KATIES – Stripe Kimono Knit


BUY NOW – $59.95

If you don’t like your bum, disguise it by wearing a long line jacket. The kimono will flatter a fuller figure by visually lengthening the wearer, make sure that you are wearing the same colour top and bottom underneath, this will also elongate you. Choose a fabric that will glide over that area. You want it to drape not cling.

Kimono’s are not only on the new “it list” they are so versatile. Throw them over everything, jeans, shorts even your little black dress and heels will look spot on.


GLASSONS – Dropped Shoulder Blouse


BUY NOW – $39.99

If you have great guns, get them out and celebrate them in this relaxed little top. Wear it out over jeans or shirt for a chilled look OR tuck it into a pencil skirt or wide leg pant to dress it up.

GLASSONS – Floral Wrap Maxi Dress


BUY NOW – $79.99

This maxi ticks the boxes for those of us who like to cover their shoulders and showcase their bust.

Floral is going to be around again for summer 16! Foot wear is optional – ankle boots or sneakers and if its hot the gladiator sandal will work.

GLASSONS – Lace Insert Jumpsuit


BUY NOW – $59.99

This look is perfect for the hourglass body shape ( shoulders & hips are balanced )

Also for the girls who like there décolletage and if you don’t, easily fixed by wearing the fitted bodysuit or tee underneath.


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