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Hello Lovely, my name is Cate. I am a lover of Family, Fashion and Food. The order in which will change depending on the hour of the day. Welcome to IndividualSTYLE101, I’m hear to chat and share, support and guide you through all things fashion related and some not. This is YOUR 24 hour a day, positive, happy, fun spot to hang, so pop over whenever. Kick your heels/sneakers/flats/thongs off & grab a coffee/tea/water/milo or wine and enjoy a browse and a giggle whenever you need a little YOU time.


For the last 7.5 years  I have listened to women, from all walks of life and all ages, talk about their style and in lots of cases their personal journeys and how they lost their style along the way. The more stories I heard and the more conversations I’ve had with woman who have shared with me their stories about how they lost their “MOJO” have bought me right here today.

I completed a Styling Course in 2014 and decided to stand down from my Retail Managers position so I could  put 100% into Individualstyl101, and help woman navigate their way through life with a healthy wardrobe that is authentic to their individuality.  I have received so much joy from helping woman find  OR claim their style back. The joy and confidence you feel when you find that perfect outfit, is the best feeling! From job interviews’s to that special dress for a milestone Birthday, each occasion needing specialised personal support.

Finding out who you really are and showing the world your authentic SELF is such an amazing feeling. To my surprise there is a common thread. We all are striving to feel happy within ourselves. A lot of us have given up on feeling good and some of us tell ourselves we don’t care. I do care and I enjoy helping women find their true individualSTYLE…


So the question I ask you is, “Does your wardrobe mirror the real YOU? If not, I can help you find your individualSTYLE.

I will share fashion tips and fun bits – where to find a bargain – whats new – ways to get more out of your wardrobe – help to stop you from buying things you don’t wear – how to style what you do already own differently and more…

Some of you may finish with a cleaner and more user friendly wardrobe, others may discover that they are introducing themselves to the world as a stronger happy version of themselves.

Please take and apply the bits that are relevant to YOU!

I am available for personal styling sessions in the greater Brisbane area, contact me.

Happy Shopping